Bollywood stars

9 Bollywood Stars Who Saw the Best and Worst of Times

Being in the showbiz is tough. It’s undeniably dicey. One moment you have the world at your feet, and in ...
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Bollywood affairs

9 Lesser Known Bollywood Affairs

Apart from their films, Bollywood stars also hog the limelight, courtesy their relationships. While some affairs become the stuff of ...
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Om Shanti Om

A Decade of Om Shanti Om: 9 Tributes the Film Paid

Om Shanti Om released on 9 November 2007 and in many ways paid a near-perfect tribute to mainstream Hindi cinema ...
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50 Years of Chiriyakhana

The commonly perceived wisdom regarding filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s 1967 whodunit, Chiriyakhana (The Zoo), is that he never wanted to make ...
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copied Bollywood film posters

12 Blatantly Copied Bollywood Film Posters

Bollywood and plagiarism go hand in hand. Every now and then we come across films that are alleged of plagiarism ...
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