A Decade of Om Shanti Om: 9 Tributes the Film Paid

4. Yesteryear music arrangement

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The 1970s were heydays of music composers Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Farah Khan, to recreate an identical vibe, roped in Pyarelal Sharma who had stopped composing music after Laxmikant Kudalkar died in 1998. But Laxmikant made an exception for the Dhoom Taana song, which was a tribute to their style of music. Dhoom Taana, sung Shreya Ghoshal and Abhijeet Bhattacharya, was recorded traditionally with a 150-member orchestra.

5. Dreamy Girl

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Having cast Deepika Padukone to play the female lead, Farah Khan was impressed by the old-world charm of the actress. Deepika’s character in the film is popularly known as Dreamy Girl, in a homage to veteran actress Hema Malini, who was known as the Dream Girl of Hindi cinema in the 1970s.

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6. An unhappy Manoj Kumar

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Farah Khan and team courted trouble when in one of the scenes they showed Om (Shah Rukh Khan) and his friend Pappu Master (Shreyas Talpade) sneaking into the premiere of Dreamy Girl, covering their faces with their hands, in a typical Manoj Kumar style. Mr Bharat (as Kumar is popularly known in Bollywood), was upset with the joke and went on to say that Shah Rukh had humiliated him.

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