Asda Strikes a Ramadan Chord with Present-Generation Asians in UK

RBN Web Desk: Ramadan is just round the corner, and Asda, like always, is leading the way with its extensive Ramadan range to observe the holy month. It has struck a chord especially with the younger generation.

According to TV personality Natasha Asghar, “Today, there’s a wide range of halal products available in supermarkets like Asda. This has made things convenient for everyone. I remember last year, while returning from Wales, I picked up all my Iftar food from the supermarket on M25.”

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Customers acknowledge that Asda’s continuous expansion of the Ramadan range has made it a more easier and relevant for them.

There has been a noticeable change in how Ramadan is observed in the UK these days. Filmmaker Super Saf said, “In the past when I would fast, a lot of my colleagues wouldn’t be aware of it and they would be surprised to know that even drinking water was not allowed. But now there is a lot more conversations around Ramadan among the wider population and a lot more people have started understanding it.”

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Just going to the local supermarket and seeing the Ramadan aisle is a positive feeling, he says, adding, “I remember the first time I saw it, I took a picture and sent it to my family and friends. It’s a very homely feeling.”

Radio presenter Anisa Nasir said, “Years ago, we had to plan beforehand because it wasn’t easy getting all the ingredients. But it has now become so much easier with supermarkets like Asda stocking up everything. I can pick up everything I need while driving back home from work.”

Asda’s continuous expansion of the Ramadan range has made it easier for the present generation Asians living and working in UK to observe Ramadan. People have become more busy these days with less time to make everything from scratch. The readymade stock at Asda is certainly more convenient for them to avail.

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