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Prosenjit Chatterjee, the Tolly superstar, on Force. The film, directed by Raja Chanda. The Film is about an autistic child and his police officer father helps him to beat the oddities in life. In a candid chat with RBN, the actor speaks about his upcoming film.

 Why did you choose do the film?

 The story is unique. An autistic child was never a key character in Bengali mainstream cinema. Aparna Sen’s Paromitar Ek Din was of course in a different league altogether. I play a single father balancing his career and child. The script by Anindya Bose was so good that I decided to produce the film.

 What are your expectations from the film?

 I want the film to inspire people. While acting in it, I realised that parents of special children are much different from those who are blessed with a normal child. The latter should consider themselves lucky because an incredible effort is required to bring up a special child. The greatest challenge is communicating with them and understanding their wants. It takes immense patience to raise special children. I request everyone to come and watch the film. It has comedy, action and drama in equal proportions and the audience will like it.

 Tell us about Arya’s performance

 Arya Dasgupta plays my autistic son in the film. His performance is brilliant and he is a scene stealer. To prepare him for the role, we conducted a workshop. He put in a lot of hard work to get under the skin of the character and bonded well with my wife Arpita who plays his teacher. Arya’s father too deserves applause. He put his career at the back to help Arya do the film.

Did the fact that you are a father yourself, help you while doing the film?

 Oh yes. Very much. I am a fan of Mishuk, my son. I’d often call Arya as Mishuk. The first thing Mishuk asks when he wakes up is that when I would leave for work. That’s a way of asking when he can start his mischief. No matter how busy I am, I arrange his school bag, buy pencils and do all that any other father does. In Force too, my character Arjun, feeds his son and sits with him in the class because he is a special child. Being a father in real life was of real help.

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