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Charbak Dipta

Charbak Dipta grew up in the Bongaon district of West Bengal. His father, Diptarup Das, is a short-film maker and music aficionado. Charbak’s mother Sanchita is an accomplished singer herself. He is the only son of his parents and was brought up in a musical environment. Even before he was three years of age, Charbak started taking music lessons from his mother.

Charbak has been influenced by several stalwarts of Hindustani classical music, including Abdul Karim Khan, Bhimsen Joshi, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Girija Devi and others. He was a keen listener to all these musical doyens. His idol was Ajoy Chakraborty. He later became Charbak’s guru. He was also deeply influenced by the music of Satyajit Ray.

The young musician also took tabla lessons and began learning Hindustani classical vocal. His first guru was his mother and he later became a student of Mubarak Ali Khan and Mashkoor Ali Khan. Charbak owes all his musical knowledge to the Khan brothers. They have huge faith in his musical abilities and are confident that Charbak will shine bright in the Indian musicscape. 

Never to be content with a particular form of music, Charbak took lessons in Rabindra Sangeet from Shrabani Sen and light music from Indrani Sen. He has also sought blessings from veteran Rabindra Sangeet exponent Sumitra Sen. He learnt to play classical piano and guitar at Dolna Day School and later at the prestigious Calcutta School of Music.

Charbak has turned professional now and regularly appears on various TV channels. These include TV Southasia, Tara Muzik, and others. Charbak is also a regular on FM and community radio channels. He was one of the semi-finalists in ‘Khoj 2—The Search’, a hugely popular musical talent hunt contest on TV. He was also one of the city winners in the Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth programme. All these shows proved what a powerhouse of talent Charbak is.

Notwithstanding the success he has already tasted in his early life, Charbak is still a humble young man. He has specialised in the genres of classical, folk, rock and fusion. Besides, he has also confessed his love for Urdu folk songs and Sufi music. He often writes songs that reflect his mood. Charbak says that he wants his songs to convey the simple message of love and peace all over the world. “Shamefully there is so much corruption and oiling has emerged in world of music. I want to protest against it through my music,” he says. 

Charbak loves to experiment with his music and he works tirelessly in this regard. His album Kon Gaganer Tara was an instant hit with music lovers and was a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore. He is now working on a project titled Nazrul Electronica Fusion, which will reveal his talent before the audience. The album is expected to hit the market the soon and promises to be a pathbreaking production and much bigger in scale than his first album. Charbak hopes that the album will be liked by all and top all charts.     

--- Prabuddha Neogi


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