9 Indian Film Personalities Who Made It to the Guinness World Records

4. Sonakshi Sinha

Guinness World RecordsImage: Work Wallpaper

A leading actress in her own right, Sonakshi Sinha made it to the Guinness for an entirely different achievement. In 2016, she participated in an event to paint the fingernails of maximum number of people simultaneously. The event coincided with the International Women’s Day celebrations. She set the weird world record with many other women. The Guinness committee recognised her feat and awarded her the official acknowledgment.

5. Asha Bhosle

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She is perhaps the most versatile playback singers in India and had recorded 11,000 solo, chorus, and duet songs in more than 20 Indian languages. In a career spanning over seven decades, Asha Bhosle has worked with all leading composers of the country. Guinness Book, in 2011, officially acknowledged her as the most recorded artiste in music history. She has sung some of the most popular numbers in Hindi films that are still played on radio channels with amazing frequency.

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6. Jagdish Raj

Guinness World RecordsImage:FilmCentro

Film audiences of the seventies and eighties will remember Jagdish Raj as the quintessential police officer. He holds the Guinness record for being ‘the most typecast actor’. Jagdish Raj played the role in 144 films. Some of his most remembered films are with Amitabh Bachchan, like Deewaar (1975), Don (1978), Silsila (1981), and Shakti (1982). He also often played a smuggler in many of his films. Her daughter Anita Raj was a leading actress of her times.

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