9 Best Shah Rukh Khan Films

4. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

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Epic. Need we say more? Loved by even the fiercest critics of the actor, DDLJ, as the film is popularly known, firmly put Shah Rukh on the path to stardom. It was a celluloid adventure that had a huge impact on how mainstream Indian films would be made down the years. The actor combined effortless charm with sincerity and was backed by a superb supporting cast. Kajol and Shah Rukh weaved magic on 70mm and DDLJ became a milestone in Indian cinema.

5. Dil Se.. (1998)

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The film which proved that Shah Rukh Khan was not all about candyfloss romance in the Swiss Alps and Yash Raj glamour. Director Mani Ratnam offered the superstar one of the most challenging roles of his career. The film never got its due though it was loved by a section of the critics. Dil Se.. is an underrated gem in Shah Rukh’s kitty and speaks volumes about his acting prowess. It’s one of the all-time best Shah Rukh Khan films.

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6. Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003)

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A modern version of the cult Anand (1971), Kal Ho Naa Ho was flawed but ultimately worked, courtesy Shah Rukh Khan’s sensitive portrayal of Aman. The film proved the actor’s mettle in romantic roles. In one single film, Shah Rukh made us laugh, cry, think, and love. May not be one of his best, but Kal Ho Naa Ho will be surely remembered for the actor’s touching performance.

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